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Ode to The Elephant

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Big ears, long trunk, unthinkable size!
After seeing one in the zoo, I was forever traumatized!
Named “The Gentle Giant” for it’s cautious way.
The elephant ahs been used for many movies, to express what’s it’s like to go through an elephant’s day.
It started with Dumbo, a Disney movie that brought you to tears,
About a small pachyderm with unusually bug ears!
Then came Horton, a Dr. Suess character as big as a tower!
Who heard a faint city on a speck on a flower.
These majestic creatures wouldn’t hurt a fly,
And yet they’re hunted daily for their tusk,
And one must wonder…why?
Is it worth a necklace or a ring for this animal to die?
You may think it’s worth to look fashionable, but not I!
So let’s save this creature, if not for us but for children to come.
Let’s make sure the population as enormous as their size… not just some.

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