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Fated Love

March 22, 2010
By krazyk GOLD, Modesto, California
krazyk GOLD, Modesto, California
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I understand if you want to leave
because it will end both of our misery.
We had such a great time, here together
and I thought we could have lasted forever.
Our life and our dreams,we had already planned it all.
The name of our kids were in our thoughts, but not our big fall.

I hope you're still with her even after what she put us through.
The funny part is I never really knew.
You're late night calls and you're hushed whispers should have given me a sign.
But I had my trust in you, because I loved you and thought you were mine.

Why I still love you remains a mystery to me.
I still wonder what we could be.
These memories I hold of you are always the best
because I eliminate the bad and keep all the rest.
You had made my life so great and full of bliss.
I want you to leave right now without a goodbye kiss.
Though I'll remember how you first made me feel,
I don't know if I can get over your sick little deal.
Maybe that pretty girl is a better fit for your life,
but I hope you know she's not in it to be your wife.

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