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Someone New

March 22, 2010
By krazyk GOLD, Modesto, California
krazyk GOLD, Modesto, California
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Why do I feel as if you don't care?
I just wish that you would be there.
My heart breaks with each step you take out of my door.
I know that these feelings shouldn't matter anymore.

After a year, I still want your touch.
Being without you is just too much.
Loving you felt like a crime,
but this crime was all worth my time.
I am acting like someone who I'm not,
because in this love, I am caught.
Though I still love you, I know you're gone.
Your actions towards me were the only con.
Our love had gone and made me crazy.
You had been my one and only baby.

Years will go by and I'll never forget
the way you kissed me when we first met.
I'll never be able to move on from what we were.
I'll always be expecting something so much more.
You were the greatest, my hero for life.
I had even agreed to be your wife.
You broke my heart, shattered it into pieces,
but I'll always love you despite our disagreements.
I'll always be wishing and waiting for you,
though you have long moved on to someone new.

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