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The True Story of Cinderella

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Theres a glass heart,a fragile body
Both lay broken on the floor
He's still clutching the glass slipper,hoping
It's to late, she's out the door

She didn't read the warning
It read 'Handle with care'
How could she focus while her heart was soaring?
Just another bubble head girl among the clouds

He wanted it to last forever
To late, the clock has struck midnight
All he's got is just a delicate slipper
Another glass heart is broken tonight

You may side with Cinderella
But my allience is with Prince Charming
She just toyed with him like building blocks
He was left to pick up the pieces,tears now arming

Now they're getting married
The wedding bells chime
I know it's only a matter of time
She will bring him to his knee's, a sword through his heart.

So Prince Charming heed my warning,
For it is my time to depart
Keep your eyes open at all times
For surely the second you close them
She will have commited a crime of passion

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