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Here I Am

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Dark dirty knees sink into the ash remains of the everything
I once knew and held dear.
Shoveling my fists into the burning snow,
Groping for a hand full to rise up to the ocean of red
That now sleeps in the sky.
Head pushed back
But hair still sulks down in my face.
Though turquoise eyes drown,
They stay focused on the ash seeping out of my filthy black hands
Only to plunder back to the charred Earth beneath me.
After the vessels felt their own brethren slip between,
It’s just a taste of bitter reality in my mind.
Now I raise my stranded body against its pains
Just to bellow out to the nothing that stands amongst me
Dragging legs in the grayness that eats at my scarred flesh
Searching for a not so dank shelter in which to call home
Here I am

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