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May 19, 2008
By Anonymous

with the taste of wine still
on my lips
and the scent of cigarette
clinging to cotton t-shirts
his chap-stick mouth
slowly kissed my body
in a dark small box room
on a bed that wasn't mine

on his chest he wore letters
that gave him the right
to use misleading words
that pushed against my
unopened thighs
and softened my
untrusting gaze

he coached as i learned
to tongue
and caress
and slowly move
around and over our bodies
in a mess of pink sheets and
feathered down pillows

he guided my fingers and
played with my hair
he lied with unfaltering eyes
as we lay together
and stripped away layers

to play games where
he knew all the rules
till he was finished
and i was tired

my hips were his guitar
and he played cords
to a deceitful tune that
ignited urge but left
(naive girls) unfulfilled

leaving my dormitory
he had gotten what he said
he wanted
but still, i listened
to deep sensual eyes
and his targeted touch
that made me feel

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