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Poem in four voices

May 20, 2008
By Anonymous

As viewed by the Mafia

So huh, heres how we a gonna do it.
We give a you five days to a….come up with the bread.
After a four days ..and a minute,
You will hoff the money. Then, you can just say goodbye to the bad gog.
Cuz, youa will never see him again.

As viewed by a preacher

Church, we have a crisis!
Cuz ya see….
You think… She’s rich…, so let her pay the bill.
But somehow I don’t see it that way.
God says it… and the book says it … and he‘s telling you to ,
Pay your tithes!!!

As viewed by the Chinese sales clerk

Git out fatty. We no like you.
You tink I’m playin` !
Tiz is a pan shop!
We av no weave, cook no fried chiken, or sell lit tell fishies!
What you tink that I’m stupid or something!

As viewed by a president candidate

Personally, I have no preference on the subject
whatsoever; however,
I will say that any funds gained from questionable resources
is for the overall betterment of the people. My respective candidate
on the other hand…….

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