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I'm so close

September 1, 2007
By Anonymous

How can this pain last
All I need
Is to move past
The weight I bear
It's all my fault
And in the end
I can lose it all
Just a little bit further
My adrenaline rushing
If I could only drown out the
my fears that are crushing
Crashing upon me
Like the weight of water
All I need Is to go a little bit farther
It seems too late
All hope is gone
If only, if only,
I can move on I pull through, finally, at last
In the final stretch
And as I crash to the ground
I take my last breath
At least I made it
That much is joyful
Because in the end
I restored peace to the hopeful
I endured past
All the obstacles and problems
And now I can rest
Knowing I solved them

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