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Nightlife Orchestra

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

Pieces of the night sky fall over the warm, humid grasses and the deep, towering pine trees. Little field mice scurry to their ground holes to nest down for the night. Rabbits dodge and duck through the fields to get to their burrows. Herds of deer dance over rocks and weeds with their fawns to bed down until grazing at dawn. Birds stop their songs for a good nights rest as they lie in their nests.
Tall shadows gaze upon everything as the moon rises in the dark sky. The stars come out to twinkle upon the world and strengthen the moon. Fireflies humbly float through the light breeze, signaling the silence. Mysterious bats dive through the night air as small, dark kites. The small stream at the edge of the meadow quietly laughs as it trickles down pebbles and small sticks. The frogs keeping it company as their croaks fill the silence. The drone sound of crickets keeping the beat of the lullaby blends in to the nightlife orchestra.
The grass sways to and fro, whistling in the wind. Leaves rustle through the twists and turns of the meadow. Small foxes hurry to their burrows racing their shadows. The distant hoots of a lonely old owl echo in the darkness. His tall stance casts a shadow, intertwining with the tree he perches in, as he looks on, surveying the meadow.
All life is quite now. The birds in their nests. The foxes in their burrows. The deer bedded down in their grass beds. Sleeping peacefully, they will rest until the dawn meets the morning sun, starting a new day.

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