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May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

The stones beneath my feet shift
The path before me swerves,
As snaky as a gust of air

Foot by Foot
I walk this path
Forward through this brilliant garden
Treasures on all sides
The gate doors open with the skeletal keys

She stands at the entrance, entranced
Wanting to be this embodiment of perfection
Clearest thoughts
Purest motivation
A focus of the greatest kind
Men around her, fawning
And stumbling over used rhetoric and promises
These masculinities are danger and ill fortune
Men she gives not even the time nor day
The loves she finds are of a brand their own
They take her for the heart and soul
not the stepford exterior

Foot by Foot
I walk this path
Forward through this radiant garden
Caches on all sides
The keys get pocketed on the path

He endures the rustic archways
The bitter winds of adversity
Grow him older too fast
The years shown in his mind
Not in the childlike demeanor
The ridged but playful smile reveals itself
Swelled throat
Bitter discontent
The ease he carries is misfortune
This contains his reasons for actions
Escaping into the art of hide&seek
Bearing all when the skeleton
comes out of its closet

Foot by Foot
Traversing here and there
Onward through this extraordinary patch
Intricate in all faces
Heavy pockets carry many keys

The littlest dreamer planted.
A hunger strikes, and the hunger evaporates
The story of cracked porcelain
The caulk that fills the visage
Only the holder knows its true flaws
Beauty without
Struggling self-acceptance
She spins on spot not giving the chance
To catch that glimpse
The revelation ne’er exposed
Sarcastic tones, with lyrical voices
Block out the distasteful thoughts
trapped inside the musicbox

Foot by Foot
Floating on the squalls
Journeying through these lives
Obscurity on the surfaces
A chain is made of faithful doors

Entering and Exiting
These places of interest
Being more than one can fathom
All along this path we meet.

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