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The Forest

March 11, 2010
By allie.vgr1994 SILVER, Manton, Michigan
allie.vgr1994 SILVER, Manton, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"People love them everyday,
Beauty look before it's gone,
Love Changes...but not the love you give,
And if you love, You will never be alone."

"Every day is hard,
Nobody knows how hard it is for me,
every day is kewl tho."

The Forest is grand,
It’s peaceful and magical,
The forest is the one place I can think,
It’s one of the places I can think!

To jump and play,
Kids run around all day,
It’s my safe harbor,
My own personal paradise!

Everything is beautiful in The Forest now,
No one knows how pretty it is,
I love feeling the light breeze way of the wind,
It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of!

Sometimes if I had a bad day up in Charlevoix I would go out to the woods and wander up into the trees,
Some people run and hide,
People know the forest is mine,
He is my brother and I love him!

Nobody thinks like The Forest,
Nobody feels like The Forest,
I love it there,
And It loves me…………….

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