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Lost forever

March 4, 2010
By Char-Marie-Adles SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Char-Marie-Adles SILVER, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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theres a numbness in your heart
that just won't fade away
nothing feels real anymore
nothing is real anymore

how can that be
this can't be happening
but it is
it must be a dream, a nightmare

then you start to feel it
how it slowly fades
and you feel the excruciating pain
as its hold slowly releases it hold over you

then if any for a moment
you wish it was not true
you wish you could rage
that you could hate
but that even to you is to cruel

your will to live is gone
given over to pain
your soul and heart shadowed
your heart blackened and replaced with ice

your tearsof pain bled alone in the darkness
alone with no one to hold you
to give you words of comfort
to just be there

you wonder if they will ever cease to fall
but it won't
it can't

thw world gose on around you
but you stay frozen
but one day
even if it was only a little change

your world will continue
your soul will no longer be shadowed
the tear you bled will dry

you will find the path that will be your guide
you will never forget waht was lost
but be greatful for what was not

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