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Death Of A Minister

February 22, 2010
By Denmark DIAMOND, Sacramento, California
Denmark DIAMOND, Sacramento, California
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There was something in the water
Something very small and dead
“It is the minister’s dear old daughter”
That is what the investigator said
And when the minister came to find
His daughter bleeding in the lake
He let out a wail, his face did pale
A funeral his screams did make
“Who did this to her” he said
Letting out a long agonizing cry
“We do not know but we are working

On the case”
Said the investigator letting out a sigh
And when her body was being covered
Her feet were the last thing that he saw
And he stormed into his empty home
He banged his clenched fist on the wall
Then the very next morning
Amidst the horizon beaming yellow
There came a mysterious call:

“This is Investigator Riley,
We think we may have found a lead”
At the sheriff’s department:
“He goes by Benjamin Reed”
The minister took the picture sketch
And asked, “May I have this?”
He quickly left the building
Consumed by sorrow’s bliss
And drove away in his car
Vengeance wasn’t drifting far
He asked so many people,
So many people indeed
He would not stop asking
Until he found this Benjamin Reed

He looked deep in the taverns
Where the alcohol was passed around
Until he came upon a strip club
Where Benjamin Reed was found
“Hey, You!” pointing his finger
And then the chase began
The minister chased him up the alleys
O how Benjamin Reed ran and ran!

He chased him down cobblestone streets
---He chased him past O’Malley’s
Where his daughter had shopped for beets
Memories of her came flooding back
And his taste for vengeance grew forlorn
He was on his heels then he jumped upon his back
“You killed my daughter, my happiness you did scorn!”
His eyes glowered with the passion of a father

Merciless for his dear old blood
“Benjamin Reed! Ah! I know tis’ you!”
Whilst Benjamin Reed groaned in the mud

He had no choice but to look in the face
Of the man he had hurt so deeply
Minister said, “You are such a disgrace”
“Death shall be your only pleasure”
And he pulled out his cold, hard pistol
And pulled Benjamin Reed to his feet
And he put the steel to his head
---His anger pure and very concrete
He shot him dead, He shot him dead
But thirst for vengeance was not the way
The last thing nobody saw was his praying feet
For the Minister was killed the very next day

The author's comments:
Vengeance is never the way, peace through inner salvation shall always preside and conquer over peace through the salvation reaped through deleterous revels. Also inspired by the qoute from Christopher Paolini in one of his books, "Anger is a poison, we must purge it from our mind, else it shall control our better nature."

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