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A Tragic Awakening

February 12, 2010
By manda_the_random_poet PLATINUM, Elfrida, Arizona
manda_the_random_poet PLATINUM, Elfrida, Arizona
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Once was a girl,
she loved to drink.
She lived in a whirl,
when she wanted to think

She went through her life,
it was so disdainful
In a constant strife,
where everyday was painful.

She gazed around her,
mainly at the basement.
knowing its not the answer,
she headed towards the remnants.

She went down with doubt,
and picked them up with remorse.
She wants to break and shout,
but her voice is to hoarse.

She drops the bottle in rage,
She wishes she never started.
she stares in a haze,
because of it she departed.

She went back up,
she looked to the table .
She reached for a cup,
trying hard, she wasn’t able.

She wanted a second chance,
though it was not possible.
She tried to make a plan,
hoping it may be plausible.

She took it to her heart to try,
she wanted it so dearly
She knew it was a lie,
yet she saw it only so clearly.

She went to her room,
she looked at her night stand.
Her eyes went into a gloom,
She felt like she was banned.

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