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Wonderful Miracle

January 30, 2010
By Ashlyn_Starr PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
Ashlyn_Starr PLATINUM, Oak Grove, Missouri
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Her mind was racing
Nothing mattered
Nothing worked
Not anymore

She could feel his heart beating
She felt relief wash over her
The tiny boy in her arms
Who she thought was dying

She ran through the hospital
The baby boy in her arms
Held close
But not too tight

Fear washed over her
As she tried to find someone
Who could take a look at the boy
And tell her what was going on

She wanted to scream
The child wasn’t breathing
“Help me please”
She shouted to the doctors
Finally someone came over to her
They took the boy from her arms
And took him to the emergency room

Hours and hours went by
She felt she was slowly losing her mind
Could he be saved
Would the little boy
Which she had found outside
Truly be saved
She hoped and prayed
That he would make it through

A doctor came out
A weak smile on his face
The young woman
No more than eighteen
Let out the breath
She hadn’t realized she was holding
And hugged the doctor
Tears trickling down

“He is grateful you found him”
The doctor said
Once the young woman
Had finished her story
On how the boy
Had been found by her
“I’m just glad he is okay”
She said
Not sure what to do next
Or what to do about the boy
She was just glad
The baby boy was okay

The doctor asked her
Curiosity ringing in his voice
Shining in his eyes
The young woman nodded
She didn’t plan on having a child before
But the little boy
He needed a home
And she didn’t want to leave him
“Give me the papers”
She told the doctor
“I will take him in”
The doctor nodded
A smile on his face

Hours more
And the baby boy was healed
His breathing was normal
His heart rate steady
And now he was hers
The young woman held him
Gently wrapped in her arms
She looked to the doctor
And felt a smile on her face
“Thank you”
She told him
She left the hospital
Sleeping child in her arms
The doctor watched them go
Knowing he would never forget
Such a wonderful miracle

The author's comments:
I wrote this because of the factor of children constantly getting left behind. I thought it would be a great way to show this.

Yes, the poem is supposed to sound like a story. That's how i wrote it to sound.

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