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Just a lonely kid and his thoughts.

January 12, 2010
By tackett2 GOLD, Fairborn, Ohio
tackett2 GOLD, Fairborn, Ohio
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"Music washes away from the soul, the dust of everyday life."

Can I show you something?
It’s what has been getting me through,
All of these late sleepless nights now that I don’t have you.

I just sit here and my fingers flow while listening to music,
A director couldn’t do it better, even if he cued it.
I’ve been going like this for weeks now,
How’d I get started? I don’t even know how.

I think it was the way you left me,
Lonely and blind, with nothing left to see.
At least nothing in my soul,
Because you were the only thing that made me feel whole.

When you left so did my will to live,
You always wanted to take, but was never willing to give.
In our time together I gave so much,
Oh, it’s hitting me harder, oh how I’m longing for just your touch.

The things I would give just to hold you one more time,
I would give up all of these thoughts, every single rhyme.
On second thought, I take that back, I love this, I only do it for me,
Just a lonely kid and his thoughts, it’s ok, it’s who I wanna be.

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