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January 12, 2010
By tackett2 GOLD, Fairborn, Ohio
tackett2 GOLD, Fairborn, Ohio
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Well it looks like it’s going to be another late night,
It’s not even worth it; I’m done putting up a fight.

Its freezing outside, the winds howling and the snows falling down,
But inside all I can hear is my thoughts, nothing else is making a sound.
I’m growing tired of all this peace and tranquility,
I need some excitement in my life, something to blur my visibility.

I’ve sat here and stared for days now,
I keep thinking I’ll find her someday, somehow.
She has to be out there somewhere,
But when I see her, I’ll smile and she’ll look away without a care.

That’s just how my luck seems to go,
My heart feels like a fighter, taking blow after blow.
I wonder how long I can keep on going like this?
Hopefully long enough to steal that one true kiss.

That kiss of that girl from earlier,
I only hope that her hair will be longer than yours and much more curlier.
By now I’m sure you get that this isn’t your ordinary letter,
It’s something much more meaningful, a lot more better.

This is written straight from the heart,
But oh no, this is always the hardest part.
The part where I have to say goodbye,
I know you’ve heard me say this before, and only moments later, again, I’ll say hi.

This has happened so many times in the past,
But this time my hearts not broken, it doesn’t have the protection of its cast.
So I’m finally leaving you, and putting myself out there,
Because she, my one true love, has to be out there somewhere.

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