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The Deal

January 12, 2010
By tackett2 GOLD, Fairborn, Ohio
tackett2 GOLD, Fairborn, Ohio
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Well today was a lot better,
Although, I still feel like the debtor.
I feel like I owe myself something,
But still I just sit here and wait for that phone to ring.

Hopefully when it does it will be her,
But there is only one way I will be able to be sure.

All I will hear is yelling and screaming,
I won’t even be able to get in all my pleading.
That she should come back and forgive me,
I’ll have to think of some way to make her see.

Make her see that I’m the one that she needs,
The only way would be to sing her a letter that reads…

I’d rather just speak these words than sing.
I need you in my life more than anything.
I need you here to get rid of this sorrow,
So hopefully somehow I can make it until tomorrow.
You are the only one I have, my one true friend,
Please show me somehow that your heart will bend.
I know we can make it better if only we just try,
But wait, true love comes easy, I shouldn’t have to sit here and pry.
Maybe it’s not worth it after all?
So I’m done, I’m ending this phone call.

Wow, that happened fast, I wasn’t thinking.
I want to take it back; I want to keep my heart from breaking.
Even if you won’t forgive me, I won’t forget you,
I’ll always keep loving you, until my life is through.

This could very well be the last time we speak,
I only wish I could stand up and be strong not weak.
But you just sit there in silence, now I know how you truly feel,
So let’s go to sleep, and you’ll wake up without me for good, if that’s what makes u happy…deal?

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