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my tears

January 17, 2010
By angelbee16 SILVER, New Haven, Connecticut
angelbee16 SILVER, New Haven, Connecticut
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my tears are the only thing that has been falling lately you hurt me so bad that when i am on my knees the mother earth is suking in my hurt like if she is feeling every pain and sorrow that going threw my body your hand are a more then i can say sometimes all i see is the back of your hand you left me with to many tears and to many bad meorries i will leave you one day to become a butterfly but every one i meet will have the same hand as you so i try to run away faster then i ever ran before i cant see you any more but these tears that i feel on my face are the reminders of every lash you gave me ever think why does the caged bird sings but when that bird is let out of its pirson you will see how lound that bird sings and how proud it stands to you and says stop you will never make me feel smarler then i am alreaddy you will you will be my last bad meory tear my tears are happy now im let out and now i can fly

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