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Her Lovely Fate

January 14, 2010
By evrycloudyday7 PLATINUM, Wappingers Falls, New York
evrycloudyday7 PLATINUM, Wappingers Falls, New York
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A girl bound to hopes and dreams
stared out across the endless sea
Salty mist and gloomy clouds
and bitter tears are what called her out.
A grainy blanket warmed her feet
the only comfort she had received
Eyes to waves
the connection was made
A bond, a cord
of the strongest emotion
Her heart beat with the crash of the waves
She seized it, and flung it out to satisfy her crave
And forever it remains.
The other ones called out to her
So she kissed her love good-bye
But while away, she cried and cried,
"My heart is gone! I will surely die!"
She fled from that place
and journeyed in haste
Her love awaited
always stalemated between rocks and sand and grassy land
The wooden pier splintered her feet
Her heart now at a faster beat
The storm raged like an animal caged
as she cried out to home,
"My love, I'm back! My heart, I'm back!"
The ocean spray, salty and light
never brought her so much delight
The others arrived in worry,
spotted her and ran in a hurry
Their cries, yells, and sparkling tears
could not pass the ocean to her ears
She closed her eyes, arms spread to fly,
and leaped from the balcony's wooden side
The icy waters hugged her lungs
welcoming her from her loving plunge
The salty waves held her in a tie
and she fervently hoped there to die.
In a lover's embrace, forever encased
Her body floats there
And forever remains.

The author's comments:
I love ocean so much, and I wanted to convey the intense love that I have for it through this poem. I love the ocean, but don't worry, I wouldn't commit suicide! I can relate to the girl in the poem because her and I both have a potent love for the sea.

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