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I have lost myself

January 4, 2010
By Dedegirl PLATINUM, Williamsburg, Virginia
Dedegirl PLATINUM, Williamsburg, Virginia
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I cannot hear my thoughts, I cannot hear my voice, I cannot see my face, and I cannot see my future. I have no memory of what I am or what I was. I do not remember, I cannot remember, I have lost myself. I cannot find the thoughts that seem to be running through my head. I cannot find my soul, I cannot find my feelings, I cannot find my heart, I cannot find my body there for I cannot find myself. I am lost, what do I do. I cannot think straight, I cannot move. The sounds around me, the laughter and the yells. The voices of my family and the sound of Christmas bells. I feel time stop for I have lost control. For I have lost myself, body and soul.

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