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My afternoon with God and Satan

January 1, 2010
By G.J.Velez SILVER, Florida, Other
G.J.Velez SILVER, Florida, Other
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Favorite Quote:
In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeoning of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

~~William Hernest Henley~~


It was simply a mid summer day delight
In a round table with God, Satan and I
To my left sat Satan eating a most delightful chery pie
And God drinking his tea sat to my right
Luckily conversation was light
Aperantly God and Satan were in no mood to fight
I spoke to God asking his opinion on gay rights
Satan spoke of the weather in the coming days and silent nights
But at last my curiosity was much too enticed
And so I asked
Satan, why do you cause so much pain, so much strife?
Why did you teampt Eve, so she the aple would bite?
Neither God or Satan at my question seemed surprise
But why would they, they are both deities divine
After a whille Satan replied
Well then, I will not lie
Indeed it was I who tempted Eve in that time
For you see my sin was always pride
It was my pride that caused this world to first expirience tearful cries
As well as my envy for your free state and happy lives
But you cannot hold me guilty for the sins of your peoples crimes
My hand does not cross that delicate line
I looked at God his eyes all knowing and wise
Hopefully he would clear my oh so troubled mind
And so I asked
Then God , if all knowing are you, then why , oh why
Did you not stop Satan from corrupting mankind?
Why have you not stopped all our woes, why do you let so many of us die?
It took a whille for God to reply
And when he did he let out a sad sigh
As if saddened by such a question as mine
And so he said in a manner most kind
Indeed I knew of of Satan's rise
And his ill intent on your kind
But you see at the time I was most distraught for Satan left our sky.
At that moment Satan lowered his eyes
God continued, paying no mind
And so I created man and like Satan earlier described
I have made you free, free to make your own choice, your own mistake, your own life
And as such that is why
Neither Satan or I
Are responsible for mans daily pain, sadness or horrific sights
Your people posses the most prescious thing as humand kind
The ability to choose between wrong or right
So yes I knew of all the pain your people would find
But as free creatures, it is your right to find out how to get by
Do not look up to me to clear away your problems and strife
And do not not blame Satan for your misdeeds and crimes
When God finished I had finally realized
He was right, we cannot wait for others to decide
Only we have that right
And as the thought crossed my mind
Satan shouted.
Well would you look at the time!
I really must fly
Theres a party at Pandemonium at nine
And to that God replied
Oh my me! Im afraid I too must fly
Thank you oh so very much for the tea and pie
To that I simply said
Oh! but the pleasure was all mine
As they both took their ways, I bid them farewell with a final and simple

The author's comments:
A small look into my view of religion

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