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December 27, 2009
By dancewritedream SILVER, S. Dartmouth, Massachusetts
dancewritedream SILVER, S. Dartmouth, Massachusetts
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"Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting."

What is life at age 14?
Life is Great.
Life is Lip gloss.
Life is Laughs.
Life is Idiocy,
And Sugar.
Life is Trying New Things,
Good and Bad.
Life is Learning from Your Mistakes.
Life is Love.
Life is Tears,
And Screaming for No Good Reason.
Life is Ever-Changing.
Life is Responsibility.
Life is Being a Little Fish in a Big Pond;
It’s Called High School.
Life is Color.
Life is Fashion.
Life is Being Confused, about Life Itself,
And about Your Own Self.
Life is Learning Life Isn’t
All Lip gloss and Laughs,
Idiocy, and Sugar.

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on Feb. 3 2010 at 10:45 am
his_country_girl SILVER, Goshen, Indiana
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"Reality is almost always wrong."-House

"Don't worry when you feel something, worry when you don't."- SVU

this is amazing.. =) i really like it and you did a great job. it's very true, and just all around good. no joke. keep writing! you're amazing at it.