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December 19, 2009
By GreenIvy BRONZE, Queen Creek, Arizona
GreenIvy BRONZE, Queen Creek, Arizona
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You and Me
3 words that make a song
3 words that change our lives
Words with a thousand meanings
The meaning when you held my hand
The time you stared into my eyes
The kiss that made me fly
You and Me
3 words that make me smile
Words that show history
From past, present, and future
With a thousand meanings of mystery
Those three words form a bond
Two friends,you & me, together
Two friends with a special bond
A bond that is broken by one person
You or Me
With those three words
Spoken to us and for us
Spoken with magig
Magic formed only by two
Two people who start out as friends
Friends until one says
"You and Me"
3 words that have a greater meaning
Greater than just friendship
because you & me means I love you
3 words
From friendship to love
"You and Me"

The author's comments:
i was listens to a the song you and me. An ld feeling came to mind and heart and i started to write the poem. this poem is a feeling.

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