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Distamce eyesight

November 21, 2009
By niceenouf PLATINUM, Garfield, New Jersey
niceenouf PLATINUM, Garfield, New Jersey
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Look how the florescent light shimmers down the street.
Looks as if a movie is taken place, take a seat.
The street lights giving off a signal off to my head.
Oh i'd rather be dead.
All these thoughts through one lttle dream.
As his eye color is so shinny and hazel, in the sprit of the night
How my heart is in such fright
As my eys meet up with yours,
You have such a maginifact lure.
This is taking a toll on my heart
To shine and tear my eyelids apart.
I have to wake and recognize
For me to realize.
That your just a boy in my dream,
A little fanatasy.
In reality you told me so many lies.
You are just not that guy.

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