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Trick or Treat...If You Dare

October 22, 2009
By sheli mlupi SILVER, Park City, Utah
sheli mlupi SILVER, Park City, Utah
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The carved eyes of the pumpkin stare straight into your soul as you walk up the doorsteps with only one goal
You want the candy, you want it all
though darkness has begun to fall

The creeping midnight hour is near
You start to tremble out of fear
The werewolves howl
The big beasts growl
You start to shed a single tear

You force yourself to ring the bell
And hesitate for a moment or two
Voices inside begin to yell
The door swings open...- BOO!

You jump back, your heart stops pumping
the distant sound of feet thumping...nearer and nearer
It’s just too much
You catch your breath though it’s not enough

Oh no!- the feet the feet the feet
stomping down the street
They’re out to get you, you better run
Now this game isn’t so much fun

All you wanted was the candy not this
Black cats behind you begin to hiss
Witches fly above your head
Now you wish you were in bed
safe from everything, zombies and all
every creature even ones that crawl

You run at the speed of lightning- shocking!
You find yourself at your own house knocking
Knocking and knocking and pounding the door
Someone opens it up and you fall to the floor

You hope to wake up from this terrible dream
voices in your head begin to scream
The full moon is out
Now the evil is about
Ghosts and ghouls roam the streets
In this town of halloween

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