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My little world of turmoil

October 26, 2009
By angelina ly BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
angelina ly BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Wander along the road of regrets, What you see, what you’ll never get, Mistakes are made, that you can’t take back A Mending hole, made of shades of black. Filled with sins and many lies Growing fear, you wish would die, All the things you left behind, Wonder and grow in the back of your mind. Try to hide the things you’ve seen, Is the starting point, a simple bean. Anger rips and spreads the pain Adds to the start, a subtle rain. Desperation comes, to hide the facts, Sunlight feeds the heinous act, A single leaf sprouts from the seed, Unleashing more unholy deeds, Restless nights, without sleep. I’m afraid, the roots have gone too deep. Along the road you try to hide, Things you try to conquer and divide Each part will bore into your soul, Denial makes you pay a toll. Racing across, around and about, Deeper you go, is farther from out. Sparks fly on every past desire, Pretty soon, your roads on fire, You race away from the flame, Thoughts whirling around, you try to tame. You’re running back to the start, Out of your mind, and out of your heart. You close the doors and bolt it down, You’re halfway sunk, but you haven’t drowned. As your conscience gives you a little tip, Your next mistake will break your ship.

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