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Brother At War

October 16, 2009
By PoetAiden SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
PoetAiden SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body

No more laughter no more playing
My memories still capture what you were saying
No one can take your place, no one can fill this gap
Everywhere I see your face, emotions unfold and over lap
Suppressed anger and jealousy, rising feelings wantingly
Hearts in danger with agony, thinking stealing stupidly
Into trouble no more, without you something’s sore
Seeking you out once more, finding nothing but a hallow core
Used to argue used to fight, testing each other with all our might
With you bro it’s alright, now you’re gone and out of sight
Empty room every night, funny times wrestling on your bed
Holding on very tight, never cleaning your room but sleeping instead
To this war you had fled, sickened dreams of a body dead
Knowing you’ll be back this December, never forget to always remember
It’ll be fine it’ll be okay
One time your shot that day
Can not deny what I feel
Can not comply have to deal
Now you’re working your way through your life
Just the thought of you at war gives me strife
Getting tough and growing in mind
It is rough but it’s what you decide
Honor your words and Marine vows
Goner at first but surviving now
Imprisoned with your choice and to up hold your bow
Depressed with no voice I get lonely and bored
Can’t wait till you get back and see you again
Probably buff with a six pack to no knee to you descend
Staying for a while, though staying forever I’d rather
Lying in a pile my emotions do gather
Hanging out a little bit and playing a few games
Never do you belittle it, my thought of loving when it rains
Leave once more back to thinking and trying to have faith
Believe in your war, have fun bro and be safe
This is a lover of the Marine Core is my brother at war…

The author's comments:
I wrote this right after my older brother Joshua went into the Marines and how it made me feel.

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