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Fishing For Dreams

October 4, 2009
By dancerx3xoxo GOLD, Bayside, New York
dancerx3xoxo GOLD, Bayside, New York
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Opportunities are like fish. Opportunities can be monstrous or miniscule, vibrant or colorless, and anything in between the walls of a vast imagination. Opportunities swim throughout the azure, glimmering waters of America. Americans are fishermen. They obtain the newest, most dynamic bait to lure opportunities and methodically reel them in. Some American waters are utterly transparent. The validity and truthfulness of the opportunities are visible underneath the sheer, wet blanket. However, occasionally the truth can be masked in murky, American water. America offers a broad range of fish. America gently places a chance in the calloused palms of each fisherman. Everyday Americans are fishing for their dreams.

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