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You, The Willow Tree, And I

September 20, 2009
By Lullally GOLD, Solsberry, Indiana
Lullally GOLD, Solsberry, Indiana
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I sat on a hill, a lonely hill
And looked at the sky so blue
And gazed at the sea of glistening green
That sparkled with morning dew

As I sat on the hill, the lonely hill
And gazed at the sky so blue
My mind got up and wandered away
And returned to thoughts of you

I thought of you, and thought of me,
I thought of the days that used to be
I thought as I walked by the hollow sea
Of you, and me, and the willow tree

We used to sit and talk, we did
And look at the morning sky
We spoke of neverthings, we did
You, the willow tree, and I

And never were there such a three
That looked at the starlit sky
Or gazed at a cloud passing now
As you, the willow tree, and I

We watched the bees in the clover beds
And the puffy white clouds go by
And sprinkled dewdrops on our heads
You, the willow tree, and I

We laughed and danced in the silver rain
We looked down at the shining sea
We talked without a single aim
You, and me, and the willow tree

Such happy days, so long ago
Such days have faded away
They have melted as the snow
And sometimes all seems grey

I sat and wondered on the hill
I sat and wondered at the sky
I wondered how it could ever be
Why, oh why, did you have to die?

We cannot laugh at those lost days
As we might in days gone by
We might recall them happily
You, the willow tree, and I

The three of us are no more
Now there are only two
Only me and the willow tree
Alas, we have lost you

As we sat beneath deep blue sky
I watched you seem to fade
I saw you taken far away
To some hidden faery glade

But no, this can never be
I stand before your grave
Years ago, you died in my arms
And you were so very brave

Never fear, those who weep
Over my tale of sorrow
All is not lost, you only sleep
And you will wake tomorrow

Then once again, all will be well
And we will sit beneath blue sky
We will talk of yesterdays, we will
You, the willow tree, and I

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