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Renegade Seraph

September 17, 2009
By Rae-chan SILVER, Tampa, Florida
Rae-chan SILVER, Tampa, Florida
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The sun sets sadly as
The daunting Devil walks on…
With Villagers falling to their demise
For the Forsaken all must die

He flees into the moonlit nights
The innocent light casting his shadows…
Making clear his bloody past
As many generations all have passed

He cries to the skies up above
His hands encased with his crimson crimes…
With mother and father deep in their graves
The Renegade Angel’s left alone and depraved

All life seems dead as he walks the streets
With puddles of rainwater gathering at his feet…
The Heavens are crying as Death takes its toll
His expression nearly as dead as his soul

The history etched into his once young mind
Left him scared and afraid of even his kind…
The pain burned into his forever young skin
Left him scarred for eternity, letting his dark side win

No one can stop his evil rampage
That burns off his incessant boiling rage…
While he walks the starry night path
Forever as the Renegade Seraph

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