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Sweet Sighing Maiden, Sorrow Not

September 17, 2009
By Sarah Weiskittel GOLD, North Bend, Ohio
Sarah Weiskittel GOLD, North Bend, Ohio
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Sweet sighing maiden, sorrow not
for oft sorrows are best forgot
The battle is o'er, the war's been fought
Why waste thine eyes with tears?

The flowers all bedeck the grass
still and as unmoving as glass
and they linger not on the past
Why dost thou still now mourn?

The trees are calm, the earth is still
not a sole breeze disturbs the hills
Sad sighs cannot thy heart fulfill
Why break this peaceful calm?

Thy heartfelt sighs I can't ignore
Thy pain I have endured before
I know why thou desirest more
My soul, it sighs for me

So, sweetest maiden, sorrow on
Stand strong until the break of dawn
when all thy suff'ring shall be gone
Til then, I sorrow with thee

Thou need no longer stand alone
for I shall sorrow with thee

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on Sep. 26 2009 at 10:14 pm
I love the way you use the Victorian language as a guide to your poem. It refelcts a time we have forgotten. Shakspeerian writings have been long put on the back shelf. Lets bring them back!