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September 13, 2009
By Vangog SILVER, Sterling, Virginia
Vangog SILVER, Sterling, Virginia
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Glance, Watch, 3:45
Watch, 3:45, Half Hour
3:45, Half Hour, Run
Half Hour, Run, Home
Run, Home, Front Door
Home, Front Door, Locked!
Front Door, Locked, Confused
Locked, Confused, Doorbell
Confused, Doorbell, Silence
Doorbell, Silence, Pocket
Silence, Pocket, Key
Pocket, Key—Gone
Key, Gone, Heartbeat
Gone, Heartbeat, Thudding
Heartbeat, Thudding, Watch
Thudding, Watch, 4:00
Watch, 4:00, Window
4:00, Window, Locked!
Window, Locked, Tap
Locked, Tap, Silence
Tap, Silence, Annoyed
Silence, Annoyed, Pause
Annoyed, Pause, Hopeful
Pause, Hopeful, Hurry
Hopeful, Hurry, Back Door
Hurry, Back Door, Doorknob
Back Door, Doorknob, Rattle
Doorknob, Rattle, Locked!
Rattle, Locked, Watch
Locked, Watch, 4:05
Watch, 4:05, Panic
4:05, Panic, Search
Panic, Search, Desperate
Search, Desperate, Rock
Desperate, Rock, Aim
Rock, Aim—Stop
Aim, Stop, Drop
Stop, Drop, Idea
Drop, Idea, Pocket
Idea, Pocket, Library Card
Pocket, Library Card, Race
Library Card, Race, Front Door
Race, Front Door, Slide
Front Door, Slide, Click
Slide, Click, Open!

The author's comments:
What to do when you lose your house key and nobody's home.

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