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Sign Language MAG

By Anonymous

   - I think -

You speak to me with your hands

Painting invisible pictures

In front of my eyes

Nuance and nuance and nuance

of meaning

Bespeaking themselves,

Silent shades

of silent language

tripping before my gaze

Too fast for me to comprehend

- But -

- I think -

Reaching out

to take those fluent hands in mine

- that -

though jarring your eager

Urgent, intricate

Musical message

of silent sentences

(and words and paragraphs,

taken wholely)

- that looking upon

Your expressive countenance -

the dancing of your eyes,

crease of your brow,

tenor of your smile -

- I think -

I understand you,

Just the same.

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on Jan. 26 2011 at 5:53 pm
CourteneyTOXICITY BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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I love it.

I love it.



Can you sign?

I'm learning. :D