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In The Rain

August 17, 2009
By Ally-Baby BRONZE, Port Angeles, Washington
Ally-Baby BRONZE, Port Angeles, Washington
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In the sound of the rain all I can hear is my heart shattering, an the sound pelting the drum of my ear
With every droplet falls yet another tear
I stand in the downpour
No one to see my tears mingling with the rain, my makeup smeared
If anyone is to ask me why, I can say: the rain, it was just the rain
Nobody’ll hear the sorrow in my tone
Not over the pounding rain
But nobody that looks out the windows, surrounding me, cares
No one asks me in
These mingling tears, they fall for my loss of you
As the rain falls, I can see you going further and further from me
The torrents of rain, or maybe its just my tears, they cause a flood
It seems thousands of miles wide, and so very swift and deep
I can see you on the shore but I can’t get to you, there is no way
I try calling out to you, but you cannot hear, not over the roar of the rapids
There is no way from me to you and the water is rising
It’s flowing faster and faster
You’re on the high ground, you are my higher ground
I see you as the water rises over my feet, then to my ankles
Still you say nothing
You don’t move
Rising to my hips, the currents pulling me,
I can’t get away!
You stand there like you don’t see me, as though you don’t care
My tears are drowning me now and you still don’t move
I scream your name, terrified that I’ll die without you
You look my way; see me holding out just for you
I’m trying to swim, but I don’t know how
I keep trying, knowing that when you realize…
You look,
You see,
You turn away
Water rising, covering my mouth,
My nose,
My eyes
I see you turn and walk away
I give up and let the water carry me away and as my body bobs up and down,
Above and below the water, I call out one last time:
I love you!
You turn to look at me…
You scoff and keep walking
I let the flood drown me…
The rain is still pouring; the water is in my throat
It burns
It stings
I can’t tell anymore, is it really the rain or is it my tears…
Not without you
You turned away when I needed you the most,
You killed me, but I’m still here
You killed me, but I love you still
I’m dead inside, all because of you
You just walked away
You left me to die after all that time
You said you loved me…
I don’t see how you can just keep watching and walking away…
As I call out to you with my last breath
I love you still but you are my murderer

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EdytD SILVER said...
on Aug. 25 2009 at 11:16 pm
EdytD SILVER, Livingston, New Jersey
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I think this is great! I took this as a metaphor - as though you are drowning in your pain, but not literally. Was that how you meant it to be taken? I think it is a bit repetitive, and some lines can be cut, but the idea and the writing style are strong. Good job!