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An Emerald, Autumn Metropolis

August 23, 2009
By dancerx3xoxo GOLD, Bayside, New York
dancerx3xoxo GOLD, Bayside, New York
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Crunchy, crisp leaves are sprinkled
On the vast, emerald metropolis
Like vibrant, colorful sprinkles
Scattered on a large scoop of pistachio ice cream

The ferocious wind whistles and howls
Its old, wrinkly hands
Engulf me in an icy, frigid embrace
A taste of the brisk, autumn breeze

Foliage coils around
The chestnut, outstretched arms
Of towering trees
Deep burnt orange and mustard yellow

Crisp leaves crunch under my tiptoeing feet
The wicked wind weaves
Through the vast, emerald metropolis
With vibrant, colorful sprinkles

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