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Night Wanderer

August 23, 2009
By Alexa Verstraten BRONZE, Victoria, Other
Alexa Verstraten BRONZE, Victoria, Other
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The night breathes me in.

Measuring me with probing gusts

Of icy wind. It knows me.

I feel the silence. It fills the air

With suspense, the darkness

Interrupted by gleaming street lights

Piercing the nothingness

With a creeping awareness

I am watched.

Perhaps by the sandman,

Leaving his post to keep a wary eye

on a wandering soul.

Or some nocturnal Goddess, carrying the moon on her back,

And guarding the gates of heaven with her breath.

I let the night breath me in.

I feel whole for a moment,

Purged by the calm surrender.

The absolute solitude

Swallows me completely. As I am.

Not asking why I cry,

It holds me, cradles me.
I am safe in the dark curtain.

My secrets are guarded by the hush of a breeze.

The night breathes me in, and I breathe it out,

Together we walk, allied by our loss.

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