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The Voluptuous Grapes and The Esurient Fox

August 22, 2009
By Abigail-Lake GOLD, King George, Virginia
Abigail-Lake GOLD, King George, Virginia
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Upon one scorching summer morn
Green grapes hung delectable.
And in one farmer’s field of corn
Sat a fox undetectable.
When sudden craving struck the fox,
He retrieved a bagel and Lox.

But on his way the mammal found

A glistening vine on Elm divine,
And suddenly he leaped around
His body twisted round his spine.
He saw luscious fruit hung like hay
All other foods seemed très blasé.

Yearning fiercely the fox he wailed
And jumped to reach his gorgeous prize.
Again he tried again he failed.
The grapes were in a place quite wise
Too high for the small fox to jump.
So the fox sat upon his rump.

He sadly supposed that the vine
“Was quite sour not suitable
For such a refined taste as mine”
(Though the thought is disputable)
The fox abandoned grapes so sick
And ‘tween shamed legs his tail did flick.

This story’s moral is as such:
That though a fox may jump and leap
He never may succeed and clutch
The ever higher fruity heap.
And though he may quickly retreat
He shan’t admit fruitless defeat.

The author's comments:
An Aesop's fable told in the style of Guy Whitmore Carryl

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