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Silently In Love

August 21, 2009
By DCWHAT28 SILVER, Algonquin, Illinois
DCWHAT28 SILVER, Algonquin, Illinois
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As quiet as a whisper,
or as loud as a scream,
Shown like a smile,
Or hidden like a dream.

He sees you as you,
the quiet girl not in his "group",
You caught his colorful eyes,
even though you weren't in his "loop".

He follows you around,
without a word just a stare,
the look that made you see,
all his love and his care.

His smiles always there,
and he doesn't care if you don't talk,
all he wants is your heart,
and to hold you when you walk.

He kisses you once,
and it's all you'll ever need,
to know you're in Gods hands,
and out the words begin to bleed.

"I love you" you say,
and he's shocked at what you say,
the fact that you have spoke,
has blown his heart away.

Cuddling there on the couch,
You look like two little doves,
Cupid shot you with an arrow,
Cause you're silently in love.

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