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Stuck Between

August 19, 2009
By niceenouf PLATINUM, Garfield, New Jersey
niceenouf PLATINUM, Garfield, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"As we move on, you forget, we both move on, with no regret."

Theres not enough time.
To fill yu in on my mind.
Becuase as i get burned
I create and experince already learned.
I know the consequences.
And how to come upon the circumstances.
But with yu in bewteen.
And saying what yu mean.
Makes it hurt even more.
Than it ever did before.
Struck by two.
Hit by love.
And nothing compares yu.
As yu were sent from above.
Struck by two.
Kicked the middle
i nedd help by yu.
So solve this riddle.
I'm stuck in between.
And no where to be found.
SIght would be keen.
To our eyes the world will be found.

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