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The Apple Tree Seed

April 18, 2009
By Cassie Shillam BRONZE, Spokane Valley, Washington
Cassie Shillam BRONZE, Spokane Valley, Washington
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My eyes leak warm tears of salt
I have a bruise on my cheek
My lip starts to bleed
Loosing my breath I fall to the ground
My eye is surrounded with black and blue
He's been drinking again what do I do?
Nothing, I cannot control him
I sit. Sit and wait. Wait for him to leave
-----finally he is gone.-----
I sneak back to my room
Open the window,
and crawl out of the blank opening.
I take off running,
Down past the garden where the vegetables grow,
down past the farm, where the animals all roam,
Across the field covered in weeds
Up on the hill, lays a single apple tree seed,
This is my place to sit and think and wonder,
I let my mind discover,
all the options, all the open possibilities
That surround this unsafe place I call home.
I see everything on this hill,
Green grass grows,
Water flows,
and dreams they come alive.
But not today.
Today in this moment of time,
The grass is weeds,
the water plunges,
and today my dreams wont survive.
Good-bye. Today is the day I will die.
I will die on this hill with my lovely apple tree seed,
I will escape from the misery and pain,
I will be free.
I reach for the gun I stole from my house.
I load it with one bullet. Just one I will need.
The rest will lay next to the apple tree seed.
Goodbye. Today is the day that I die.
------ BOOOOOOM! -------

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