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August 11, 2009
By Stevie Stults BRONZE, Troutdale, Oregon
Stevie Stults BRONZE, Troutdale, Oregon
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Sometimes I wonder
How hard I have to fall
To truly see the person I’m meant to be
How far I must go to find my potential

I’m broken and lost
In a world that’s cold and empty
I struggle to breathe
With the endless demands of the world

I can’t take the pain anymore
And I’m tired of hiding the tears
I can’t the rejection
But I can’t face the fears

There was a time when I believed in the world
A time when I believed in myself
Than I filled myself with worry and doubt
And lost all hope throughout

When I thought all was lost
I came to realize life is what you make it
And everything will work itself out
Than I thought to myself

In order to make a difference
I must realize that I really do matter
When moving on means not letting you break me
In some cases it even means saying goodbye.

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