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August 11, 2009
By Taylor-pop SILVER, Mole Creek, Other
Taylor-pop SILVER, Mole Creek, Other
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Favorite Quote:
Real friends are like diamonds true and rare.
Fake friends are like autumn leaves found everywhere.

Life’s story
That shows us the moves that I made and make.
The ones I still may be reaching for.
Tickets of tears and my breathless relief,
My suspicions reflecting light,
My scared honest and dishonest smiles,
My returned excitement and sighs of confusion,
And confusing you
With my ordered grin
And speaking with my muddled mouth.
Unwelcome and uncomfortable crowds
Binding in around me,
Around my walls,
Around my friend’s rooms.
Company to me was you.
Comparing me to you,
The others
Or the ones you had,
Making up more riddles and silly games to play between us,
It fits all into the dwelling space of life.
Realising the effect that hits make,
The pain that slides and pushes into me
Picking me up along the way,
Focusing in on the noises we made.
Sometimes words can’t explain the real feeling
That lies inside
And is more than lying thought sand constant pain.

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