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Moving On MAG

By Anonymous

Standing by the slab of marble
that signifies whoyou were,
I reflect on things of the past.
The morningdew
seeps through my summer sandals,
sending chills downmy spine.
Memories of you flood my mind.
Tears that I'vebeen holding onto
begin to trickle down myface.
This piece of rock
hardly gives your life enoughcredit.
Achievements, awards and medals.
Always giving,never taking.
Forever friends.
Late night phonecalls.
Camp-outs in the back yard.
The smile
thatcould brighten anybody's day.
All of the success that yourfuture held,
How could you throw it all away?
Lifewasn't really that bad.
Sure you had problems, but everyonedoes.
Don't you see?
I could've helped you.
We alwaysgot through everything together.
Fights, accidents,breakups.
How do I live without my best friend?
As Iread the inscription
"She will never beforgotten"
Realization begins to set in.
I will neversee you again.
But the memories,
Talking, laughing,sharing, crying
Those are what I will carry withme.
Now, in turn,
I can be what you were to me,
tosomeone else.

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