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A Miracle

August 10, 2009
By Portia16 BRONZE, Farmdale, Ohio
Portia16 BRONZE, Farmdale, Ohio
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Someone is always praying for a change
Always wishing for something wonderful to take place
But can't really see what they want is within range
That all that they are praying for is right in their face
Searching for something thats just really so ordinary
When life itself is so extrodenary
You are like the simple breath of life that so many people over look to be great
Like the beautiful sun that rises each day
In such a wonderful way
YOU are A Miracle to me
The very thing that God wanted me to see
Was an ordinary love is simple but truly extrodinary and thats really what A Miracle was to me

The author's comments:
I was always exspecting a miracle to be something that is of the supernatural to occur but really ordinary love can become extroadinary and it really is a true miracle!! the simplest things in life that are so easily over looked are real miracles in life(the gift or breath)(a new born baby's cry)(just the rising of the sun)(The ordinary love between father and son or mother and daughter)these are the everyday miracles people over look!

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iwantcoconow said...
on Sep. 24 2009 at 11:45 pm
iwantcoconow, Bronx,ny, New York
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I love your poem and the comments for the poem so much i tag your poem as my favorite good work please keep writing