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The Mandala

August 5, 2009
By carolinesell PLATINUM, Cedar Falls, Iowa
carolinesell PLATINUM, Cedar Falls, Iowa
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We see the Mandala and see a circle.
A circle like the never-ending cycle of life.
We see the Mandala and we see a rainbow.
Each color representing something so unique, so intricate
that even those who have studied it for years
cannot fully comprehend their many meanings.
We see the Mandala and we see these:
a circle and a rainbow.
But through these, we see a symbol.
Something more than just diversity,
Something more than just life.
We see life’s diversity.
How one can live their life, never exploring the world, or
How one can live their life in the world, everyday discovering something new.
We see the world and how each one of our lives fit into it.
If we all keep moving on and never
remembering what we have been through,
We are missing the point.
But, if we think back, each day,
to what has happened to us in our lives
and remember every detail’s importance,
we can piece together life’s mysteries
and finish our time with a sense of accomplishment.
But we keep our mysteries, so that others may have the chance
for their own discovery.
The Mandala is a circle.
The Mandala is a rainbow.
It is also a symbol of life’s diversity.
But the Mandala is more.
The Mandala is a symbol of discovery
and self-exploration.
It helps us realize and remember
that life matters not only for our sake,
but also for the sake of future generations.

The author's comments:
The monks of Tibet were creating a Sand Mandala at the nearby University. My language arts teacher took us to see it and we saw a beautiful circle with shapes and colors. The monks create this Mandala by taking one grain of sand and placing it into the picture. When it is completed, they take the Mandala and wash it away into the river. It is their way of giving something back to the community, back to the people, back to the world. I have written this poem to express my thoughts on the Sand Mandala.

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