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Deeds of the Buddha

August 5, 2009
By carolinesell PLATINUM, Cedar Falls, Iowa
carolinesell PLATINUM, Cedar Falls, Iowa
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12 magnificent deeds have been recorded
and 1000 more to add.
Whether or not we believe this,
there is a part that affects all of us.
No matter where we go in life, people are caring.
They are caring for specific people,
They are caring for specific countries, or
They are caring for the world.
This means someone is caring for you.
The Buddha might have completed
1012 magnificent deeds, but truly,
if we live our lives always caring,
our entire presence becomes a good deed.
Every small part matters.
When walking down the street, smile at those going past you.
Stop to pet the dog laying in the lawn,
Share a laugh with someone you care.
Every small part matters.
Every big part matters, too.
When you hear about a problem in the world,
research solutions and if the problem is too large,
gather an army of friends who care just as much as you.
Your cause will not be lost.
Your efforts might even lead bigger organizations to lend a hand, too.
Every big part matters.
But when you look at the big parts,
we see that they help the small parts, too.
When you look at the small parts,
they end up helping the big parts.
It doesn’t matter what you do,
you just have to do something.
One way to start is by caring.
The world will receive your caring in many different ways
and in the end, they will remember you not only for what you have done,
but also for who you were.
1012 good deeds?
Your life is longer than that—a deed a day will soon outnumber the record.
So live a caring life
because there is always someone out there
caring for you.

The author's comments:
At the nearby University, the monks of Tibet were creating a Sand Mandala. Along with this beautiful peice of art, there were many cultural items. One was a banner of the 12 deeds of the Buddha and below the 12 were 1000 more small deeds. My language arts teacher told us to think about how the small deeds affect the big ones. This poem is what I came up with.

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