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Shackles Of Death

July 27, 2009
By marquieleelatham SILVER, Bangkok, Other
marquieleelatham SILVER, Bangkok, Other
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Escape these deathly shackles, elephant if you can
Or cry in the bloody hands of this superior clan..

Weeping elephant halt your crying
Of your slain mother, your blasted liberty
Triggered by the sacrilegious and evil mankind..
He, who destroys your freedom, your hopes, your family
He who brands your life with the
Of death, tears and suffering

Elephant, elephant what do you pursue?
In those metallic cages enforced upon you
Do you still fantasize of jungles, glorious hues?
Or exotic summits of green
Where everything is mesmerizing, it seemed
Where dazzling fields of gold are seen?

Elephant, elephant why don’t you escape?
Out of this prison where deathly shackles gleam
Where your instincts are gone,
Where your blood and tears are shed,
Where you have entirely lost your heart and soul

Elephant, elephant what do you see?
Is it luminous canopies or prancing bees?
Or bathing herds roaming by,
Silver lined clouds marbled in the sky?
Or is it those human eyes with an evil gleam
Those devilish scenes that are haunting your dreams?
The sight of humans, shackling your family, blood on hands,
Oh elephant, elephant. This is of man.

Escape these deathly shackles elephant if you can
Or cry within the hands of this superior clan

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