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Along The Ice

July 26, 2009
By SmartMoron SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
SmartMoron SILVER, Aurora, Colorado
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We travel along the ice,
Walking, hand in hand,
But this love is not true,
It’s like this frozen tundra, this barren land.

You are kind, and sweet, and loving,
And I care for you so,
But you and I, we do not go together,
I want to leave you, to go.

I feel this pain in my heart,
Because you are so great,
But even the start of this relationship,
Was just too late.

Maybe you do love me,
Maybe I love you,
But as of now, I do not believe,
That along the ice, this love is true.

So I say good-bye,
Though you beg and you cry,
I walk away,
As you whisper, “Why?”

And though your tears may fall,
On this frozen earth,
Please remember,
I feel no mirth.

Good-bye, my friend,
Our love is not real,
It never is, never was,
No matter how we may feel.

The author's comments:
I had written this after a bad relationship ended. I get that a lot of people may not like it (even I see some flaws) but this was just me translating my emotions into poetry. Hope you like, or at least can bear to read, my poem.


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