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Echo's Story

July 16, 2009
By sharpquill DIAMOND, Brookfield, Wisconsin
sharpquill DIAMOND, Brookfield, Wisconsin
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Echo, Echo, why do you cry?
Echo, Echo, did somebody die?
Echo, Echo, why do you weep?
Echo, Echo, do you ever sleep?

*I cry because I was hurt
Hurt by someone I trust
My soul is in a coma
My heart’s starting to rust

Echo, Echo, was it someone you loved?
Echo, Echo, tell me that isn’t blood.
Echo, Echo, do you need some help?
Echo, Echo, come out of your shell.

*There’s no one I love – not anymore
I have no reason, nothing to live for
Away, away, take me away from the pain
My damaged mind is slowly going insane

Echo, Echo, it’ll be okay!
Echo, Echo, I’ll take you away.
Echo, Echo, don’t be scared.
Echo, Echo, I’ll be there.

*No, it’s too late, there’s nothing you can do
I’ll be gone from this world – poof! without a clue
No one will notice I’m no longer there
I’m just an Echo, fading through the air.

Echo, Echo, don’t give up hope!
Echo, Echo, I’ll throw you a rope.
Echo, Echo, stay with me now.
Echo, oh Echo, how could you? how?

Echo is gone, floating up to the sky
Not a day passes that I don’t ask why
Now her spirit lives with those who were hurt beyond healing
Their voices still resonate as I pray, kneeling

There are too many Echoes, too many souls
Who were hurt beyond feeling and had nowhere to go
Too many betrayed, abused, and ignored
Too many who decided they had nothing to live for.

Rest in Peace, Echo, and others like her
My grief will pay your price – of this I am sure.

The author's comments:
The stanzas with an asterisk (*) are Echo's words. I think this poem should speak for itself - I hope you learn something, and share with others. May your quills stay sharp.

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